Canary exports to 42 of the 54 countries of Africa, although its sales are mainly directed to the western region. In recent years, have increased exports to the countries of the Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa (UEMOA), and countries further south such as Equatorial Guinea and Angola.

Canary historical markets are Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Cape Verde, where the evolution of sales is positive since 2000, with a significant boost from 2006. The Canary Islands is the first Spanish region in exports to Cape Verde and Mauritania. The African continent purchase, plus the refined oil, machinery and mechanical appliances, vehicles, building materials and supplies.

The proximity of the archipelago to the mainland, the good relations between the regional government of the Canary Islands and African governments, development cooperation and the presence of the Chambers of Commerce Islands, which produce very favorable results for both parties, backed by the presence of more than 200 subsidiaries of the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands has a turnover of 108.75 million euros in the first quarter of 2011, which is double the figure for the same period last year (+98,16%).

Top 10 markets we have targeted sales are Mauritania (33.14 million), Senegal (17.75 m), Liberia (17.43 m), Equatorial Guinea (6.5 m), Cape Verde (5 , 21 m), Nigeria (4.90 m), Benin (3.96 m), Sierra Leone (3.63 m), Gambia (3.44 m) and Morocco (2.96 m).

In comparison, the largest increases over the first quarter of 2010 are recorded in Senegal, which exports multiplied by 10 and Mauritania and Liberia multiplied by three to shop the Canary Islands.

The main product exported by the autonomous region are the refined oil, representing 42.95% of the total bill, followed by machinery and mechanical appliances, representing a 35.24.

Items of petroleum products recorded an interesting increase in sales for the second consecutive year despite the economic crisis, with special relevance of items of mechanical equipment, which increases its value by 5 over the first quarter of 2010, fish, vehicles, electrical equipment, rods and profiles of iron and steel and glass.

In figures, exports of mechanical machinery totaling 38.32 million, the fish 4.12 million euro, 2.19 million euro-vehicle electrical equipment and 1.80 million euro.